Salem Sound Coastwatch - School to Sea

Committed to clean, safe coastal waters and healthy marine habitats, Salem Sound Coastwatch collaborates with residents and municipalities across the Massachusetts North Shore to protect and improve the environmental quality of Massachusetts Bay, Salem Sound and the watershed.

SSCW’s accomplishments include involving local residents in monitoring efforts, promoting and conducting quality environmental science and research, and effectively using scientific data to advise local decision-makers on responsible environmental management.

Our School to Sea program gives students and teachers experiences in their local watershed and coastal waters that strengthen their connection to it while increasing their scientific knowledge. Through these experiences, they become better stewards of the place they call home.

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A school program to support teachers in bringing science alive and making it meaningful to students. Using local habitats and current events SSCW connects students to their community. From exploring the saltmarsh to understanding the most recent city engineering project, SSCW makes science relevant. Options for teachers include classroom activites and events, field experiences...

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