Ages and Stages

Do you have a Snapshot of your child's development?

What is an ASQ?

The Ages and Stages Questionnaire is an easy- to -use, family- friendly developmental screening tool.  The ASQ celebrates milestones of your child’s development but might also show areas of concern.

Why should I complete the ASQ for my child?           

Obtaining an ASQ will:

  • assist you in learning more about your child’s skills and how they develop
  • make it easier for you to keep track of your child’s development and provide you with information on what to expect in your child’s next phase of development
  • support you by providing activities and tips to help strengthen your child’s skills and social emotional development
  • provide you with real time information about where your child is in his/her development to share with the pediatrician during visits
  • highlight your child’s strengths as well as areas that may need further attention

How old does my child need to be to participate?         2 months to 5 years old

In what languages are ASQ’s available?                        English, Spanish and French

What is the cost of an ASQ?            An ASQ provided through the Salem CFCE is FREE

How long will it take?                       10–15 minutes for parents to complete
                                                            CFCE staff is available to assist if needed     

How do I schedule an ASQ?            Contact Debra Wonson at the Salem CFCE    or call 978-745-5931

Primary Contact Person: 
Debra Wonson
Physical Address: 
Collins Middle School
29 Highland Avenue, Suite 121
01970 Salem , MA
Languages Spoken: 

Contact Debra Wonson at the Salem CFCE or call 978-745-5931

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