School-Based Behavioral Health

To better meet the mental health needs of our students, the Salem Public Schools have partnered with North Shore Community Health to offer Behavioral Health services at Bates Elementary School, Bentley Academy Charter School, Collins Middle School, and Nathaniel Bowditch Elementary School.

School-Based Behavioral Health Providers are outpatient therapists located within local schools aimed at increasing children’s educational and social success by addressing their social emotional needs.

Services Provided:

➢ Therapeutic services to students who are having difficulty accessing therapy outside of the school day

➢ Collaboration with school adjustment counselors, nurses, administrators, and teachers around the social emotional wellbeing of the students

➢ Case management

➢ Referrals for additional services

➢ A variety of groups that address the social emotional needs of youth within the school Referral Sources

Students are referred by school adjustment counselors and administrators. Parents/guardians are welcome to discuss a referral with school staff if they feel their child may benefit from this service. All insurances are accepted and no copay is necessary. Anyone who does not have insurance should not hesitate to contact us for assistance in enrollment.